Online identity verification service, miiCard, today revealed that Firefish will be the first recruitment site to allow candidates to validate their true identities entirely on the web, in real time, as part of the recruitment process.
This will allow recruiters to prioritise candidates at an early stage of an application as well as reducing the time and administrative costs of recruitment for hiring organisations by streamlining the identity verification process.

The recruitment industry has changed dramatically in recent years with the impact of social media demanding an integrated approach, while also remaining compliant and secure. As candidates have moved away from using job boards, recruiters now look to social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to engage, nurture and attract the ‘talent communities’ that have emerged there.

Wendy McDougall, CEO of Firefish explains: “The ‘social footprint’ of a candidate is now integral to recruitment and recruiters are making decisions based on the online profiles of candidates. That means it is absolutely critical that we can trust and have confidence in the authenticity of information about an individual available online. miiCard is a fast and secure way for a candidate to validate their real identity purely online to strengthen their profile and really stand out in the selection process by building trust and credibility upfront.”

Recruitment requires varying levels of compliance and usually involves candidates submitting a scan of their passport, driving license or visa. miiCard will eliminate the need for this costly and administrative burden by validating the candidate’s identity in real time to the same levels of compliance required in financial services.
miiCard’s CEO James Varga says: “We’re delighted that an innovative recruitment business like Firefish has chosen to integrate miiCard’s identity verification solution. Creating a safe environment of trust where sensitive information can be exchanged securely is essential for the recruitment sector and our hope is that miiCard will become the industry standard marque for online ID validation.”

miiCard (My Internet Identity Card) is the first global platform for accurate, real-time online identity verification compliant with Anti-Money Laundering and Know Your Customer standards, replacing the need for a physical ID check.
miiCard has been developed in response to a growing demand worldwide for a means to prove identity purely online as both the risk and value of transactions on the web escalate. Owned and managed by the individual miiCard creates trust across a range of areas including social and professional networks, online dating, and trading on auction sites. Vendors accepting miiCard as proof of identity online benefit from increased conversions, reduced time and cost of execution and additional fraud and identity theft protection.

Firefish, an award winning spinout of specialist IT recruitment agency 9-20 Recruitment, was launched in January 2010 and developed in response to demand for a recruitment portal that would allow companies to attract candidates online, including via social media. A fully automated toolset for recruiters, Firefish’s technology can be integrated with a recruiter’s website front-end, host agency websites or be white-labelled to become a third party website with specially styled widgets.