9Sharp is making it easier for users to create their digital identity

9Sharp is making it easier for users to create their digital identity

9Sharp, an online platform for users to create their digital identity into one customisable, multilingual profile, has announced a number of upgraded features to enable professionals to network and showcase their work.

Unlike many professional networking platforms such as LinkedIn, 9Sharp allows members to combine their profiles from all over the internet into one place to provide a different approach to professional profile building.

This allows businesses and recruiters to gain a better understanding of candidates by looking beyond the CV and gain an insight into them as a professional as well as an individual. Currently the platform can connect with a number of personal profiles including; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, GitHub, Behance, DeviantArt, Instagram and SoundCloud.

Amongst its list of updated features, users are able to connect with others and add them to their list of connections. As well as this, members can send messages to their contacts, write blog posts and create photo albums and projects to demonstrate examples of their work.

Furthermore, the website has added a new company profile feature to reach an even broader audience and expand the possibilities for both personal and small business users. Job posts are now available for company profiles, allowing businesses to attract potential employees.

The website’s translate feature is currently available in six languages including; English, French, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian and Russian, with the aim to expand the languages available.

Commenting on the site’s new features, Safwan Hak, CEO of 9Sharp says: “Having listened to the feedback of our users, we decided to upgrade a number of the site’s features as part of our continued commitment to give our members a better experience and a platform they can accurately portray themselves online.”

Hak continues: “With LinkedIn’s shares dropping by 43 percent, we believe this is an optimum time for another platform to take centre stage. 9Sharp was designed for professionals to have a creative way to showcase themselves to their respective industries. Many professional networking sites are based primarily around a person’s CV, qualifications and work experience. However, we want to give people the opportunity to show what they are capable of beyond what it says on their CV.”

In addition to 9Sharp’s rapid growth, the company has partnered with leading tech conference, Web Summit, a series of technology events aimed at showcasing the best startups. As part of this partnership 9Sharp will be exhibiting their platform at all four events throughout the year, the next of which is the COLLISION event on the 26th of April in New Orleans; shortly followed by Hong Kong and Lisbon.





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