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A comprehensive and innovative framework that will help an organisation to optimise their employee survey and feedback systems has been launched today, bringing advantages for Learning and Development, Talent Management and Recruitment teams across the globe.

Using its 20 years of experience, CR Systems has launched the Behave! programme. Behave! provides organisations with a process to get the best return possible, both in terms of quality of result and return on investment, from their staff tests and surveys. Although originally intended for 360 Feedback programmes, the Behave! process can be adapted to analyse any feedback programme including Engagement, Culture, Satisfaction, Exit and any other form of feedback that requires collective input.

The framework consists of six modules which guide a company through each step of establishing robust and effective feedback interventions – this includes getting the preparation right, measuring the right things, how to ask the right questions, obtain the right answers, provide the right feedback design and finally how to support the right development and other outcomes for the benefit of all concerned.

Implementation of Behave! is equally thorough and bespoke, involving a workshop with all major stakeholders to ensure understanding of the system and how it is used.

CR Systems’ managing director, Chris Ryan, said: “In our experience, most employee feedback systems can be significantly improved and, most of the time, by relatively simple tuning. Feedback systems in companies are like old fashioned music systems, where a collection of great parts can be limited by just one unit, a tiny component within a unit or even a simple connection between parts. Also like stereo systems, very often it is not until you have completed the tuning do you notice the difference!

“All of our experience and knowledge of implementing and operating successful feedback systems has been ploughed into Behave! There appears to be nothing on the market that attempts to address the issue of feedback systems in their entirety without trying to sell a specific solution.”

How Feedback Fit is your company? If you would like a taster of just one element of Behave! “Get the Preparation right – Feedback Fitness”. Take the survey (3 minutes)

Behave! can be run as a standalone programme or it is available to HR consultants to license and roll out to their clients.

CR Systems provides best of breed surveys and specialist tests to the learning and development market to help organisations get the best from their people. Its solutions also include engagement surveys, psychometric surveys, aptitude tests, personality surveys, sales effectiveness surveys, exit and custom surveys. A new intelligent platform enables clients to mix and match their testing and diagnostics from any supplier thus providing a completely bespoke and flexible solution from one simple application.

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