IDBS, a leading global provider of advanced software for research and development organisations, has selected Talentia Software to implement a HCM Performance Management solution to be used across the firm’s global territories. The new system will align all aspects of HR throughout the business, providing the ability to cascade transparent objectives to all staff and assist the company’s strategic growth.

IDBS identified the need for a performance management process that would assist with a broader HR transformation plan to position the HR function as a strategic, rather than transactional, business partner. The move away from a payroll-focused approach towards a broader HR system will allow IDBS to maximise the potential of its global workforce by setting individual goals and accurately measuring performance.

Talentia’s HCM Performance Management solution will provide IDBS with an online process that captures the outcomes from staff performance reviews. The software will also capture key metrics on individual employees, ensuring that clear career plans can be put in place for staff members.

“By formalising our approach to individual staff objectives, it is our intention that employees will have a better understanding of their personal contribution to the business and how this ties in with broader corporate goals,” states Hannah Joyce, Head of Global HR at IDBS.

“We will be using Talentia’s solution as a communication tool from a global standpoint,” adds Hannah. “It will centralise visibility around training and development records, providing us with a single view of employee data – immensely helpful in the heavily audited environment in which we operate.”

Talentia’s performance management capabilities were identified as the deciding factor by IDBS when the company was looking for the most effective software solution to achieve its goals, as was the software’s ability to assist with strategic evaluation and succession planning.

“The solution that we are providing to IDBS is a simple yet advanced way to help capture key information about employees quickly,” states Julie Windsor, UK Managing Director of Talentia Software. “This will pave the way for greater productivity for managers and employees, as well as for the HR department that analyses the outcome of the process.

The solution from Talentia will help IDBS to offer its employees and managers a greater degree of control. The workflow processes that sit within the HCM system also assist line managers by providing easy access to historic performance targets and metrics.

Hannah Joyce, Head of Global HR at IDBS, adds, “It is ultimately our intention that the new Performance Management solution will provide us with a global, holistic view of a wide range of employee data points, allowing us to deploy our most valuable resource, our staff, in the best possible way.”