G4S have developed a new service that aims to help employers in key business sectors ensure safer working environments, cutting accidents and improving the bottom line.

Andy Lane, at G4S Regional Security, part of G4S Secure Solutions, said: “The misuse of alcohol and drugs can have a severe impact on business performance. It can, for example, lead to reduced attendance levels, compromised efficiency and performance, impaired judgement, slower reaction times, poor concentration and flawed decision making – increasing the risk of accidents as a result.

The Drug and Alcohol Screening Service from G4S can be tailored to the precise requirements of the individual business, offering a closely managed but discrete process.

This can include developing a comprehensive alcohol and drug policy, carrying out testing, secure on-site sampling, ‘testing for a cause’ (for example after a health and safety incident), and maintaining the secure chain of custody for any samples through to laboratory testing and delivery of results.

As part of its service G4S has certified Alcohol and Drug Screening Officers who can work confidentially on client premises to provide a seamless service, including the maintenance of testing records for audit and compliance purposes.