shutterstock_116240080, the leading online childcare search site, has today launched its ‘Back in Business’ campaign – to help a minimum of 100K parents get back to work, after revealing that 73% of all parents in the UK want nothing more.

The study, which surveyed 191 unemployed parents in the UK revealed that out of the 73% of parents that want to return to work, 81% say it’s childcare costs that are stopping them from doing so.

In January 2013, the Annual Childcare Report revealed that over half of all parents in the UK (55%) felt the government was not doing enough to help with childcare, so decided to take the matter into its own hands.

The campaign aims to educate parents and employers around all the childcare options that are available, rather than relying on the limited advice that local government websites promote.

What is Findababysitter’s ‘Back in Business’ campaign doing to help?

Education is educating HR directors and managers of over 724 UK-based companies with four to 400,000 employees on the types of childcare solutions that are available, and how much they should expect to pay.

Discount is offering a 20% discount to all parents who are hoping to return to work, enabling them to find effective childcare solutions.

Live chat / support and advice

For the next month, is extending its live chat facility, which is only normally available to registered users.  Any parents looking for advice can get online and get the support they need.

Real life case studies

To inspire parents, will be sharing case studies of parents who have managed to get back to work, by using a range of childcare options – from an au pair, through to a nanny-share.

A Back in Business real-time conversation will start a live conversation with its users to keep up-to-date with how parents are managing to get back to work.

Tom Harrow, working dad of two and CEO of feels it’s up to him to make a difference by launching the ‘Back in Business’ campaign: “At the start of this year we identified a massive knowledge gap for parents wanting to return to work, so we’re taking the matter into our own hands, by making a pledge to make a difference at a time when the government isn’t.

“The demand for cost-effective childcare is rising by the second.  We see hundreds of new members registering their childcare requirements every day, with 71% of them telling us they are planning to return to the workplace.  

“95% of people registering to look for childcare solutions are mums, despite 46% of these mums being the main earner of the home. It is our mission to get 100K parents back to work – we’re going to show the government how it’s done.” is home to 270,000 members and provides parents with a cost-effective way to find local childcare professionals, without having to pay expensive childcare agency fees. publishes its Annual Childcare Report in January – find the latest annual report here: