Leading HR conference and training provider, Symposium, have announced that you can now access their conferences on your desktop or on-the-go via their new expanded range of conference webinars. You can download whole day events featuring multiple speakers hosted by Symposium at hugely reduced prices as part of their summer sale.

You can find an event and watch the whole conference or select individual sessions delivered by a range of senior people management experts to watch. You can also choose simply to download a pdf of the presentations.

Symposium record the event live, and then set the audio from the speaker’s presentation over their slides to make a streaming video which takes you through the presentation just as if you were in the room. You also get a downloadable pdf of the presentation slides for the session each session you purchase.

Symposiums Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2015 will be held at the Kensington Close Hotel, London

Symposiums Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2015 took place at the Kensington Close Hotel, London, in May.

The Employee Engagement Summit 2015, held in May in Kensington, London, is now available from Symposium’s webinar shop, in addition to a wide range of their events from 2013 and 2014 that are all now available at reduced prices for a limited time.

“While it’s great to come to a live conference with all the networking and interactive learning opportunities that involves, many people could still benefit from hearing the presentations,” says Symposium managing director, Paul Gray, “HR professionals often find it hard to get away from the office to attend our events so making them available online should open up our content to a huge ‘virtual’ audience.”

Gray continued, “They are great conferences and have helped thousands of HR professionals over the years, now they can help even more.”

Click here to visit the Symposium conference webinar homepage now.