Oslo – Edvantage group, an e-learning company and Managed Learning Service provider, today announces the launch of its unique voiceover function for CourseBuilder (content authoring tool), CBVoice.

This is the first time an authoring tool has been fully integrated with voice synthesis to enable users to automatically generate and add high-quality synthetic voiceovers to e-learning courses without the need to manually record and implement sound files, cutting costs and speeding up course creation.

The capabilities of CBVoice revolutionise working with sound in e-learning development. CBVoice allows you to work with complete and up-to-date voiceovers in any course, providing the full audiovisual experience for users from development and testing phases to the final version. Authors can easily maintain full control of hundreds of sound files in multiple languages with the latest version-handling capabilities, automatic file management and naming functions.

“This is the first time an authoring tool has been available with integrated advanced voice synthesis functionality, and shows the innovative and customer-oriented focus of our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) solutions” says Pal Brevik, Executive Vice President SaaS Technologies, Edvantage group.

“As well as providing additional quality to the entire development process, CBVoice enables you to speed up the process by reducing the amount of time spent working on audio files, both in review cycles and when implementing final sound” says Sven Ove Sjølyst, Vice President CourseBuilder. “What we are most proud of, is that CBVoice is so easy to use, anyone can now add full synthetic voiceovers to their courses in a matter of minutes!”

CBVoice uses licensed, world-class speech-synthesis technology from the Acapela Group, one of the world’s leading speech-synthesis technology developers, and currently supports 24 different languages with multiple voices available for most.

CBVoice will be released 15th June, 2009. Clients can contact their nearest Edvantage group office for details on how to receive this new feature.