training management

  • DW Sports to implement Workplace workforce management online across its business
  • Anticipated return on DW Sports investment several times over in the first 12 months

Wigan-based DW Sports is to deploy Workplace Online, the employee scheduling and attendance management solution, across all of its 66 clubs and stores in the UK. This comprehensive system will manage over 2,700 employees including retail assistants, reception staff and the company’s fitness teams.

The Workplace workforce management solution is cloud-based and will provide DW Sports with a structured and fully automated process for the management of its staff scheduling, attendance, and holiday planning. The key benefit of the system will be greater visibility of staffing costs and improved workforce efficiency across the entire business.

Impressively, this innovative solution is predicted to save DW Sports several times the cost within the first 12 months of going live. The unique Workplace approach and speed of its implementation means Workplace will have the entire solution up and running across all of DW Sports in two months – the first 10 locations went live in two weeks.

The Workplace solution is both efficient and user-friendly: employees simply register when they arrive at and leave work using a biometric fingerprint reader. Using self-service functionality, employees will be able to better manage the shifts they work, bid for shifts and overtime, and manage their holiday requests. Payroll mistakes will also be greatly reduced.

Workplace conducted a due dilegence exercise, which took place at four key DW Sports locations to establish how the business could create the most efficiencies within its workforce management approach. The findings from this enabled Workplace to predict what the potential savings would be for each of these four clubs and create a solution which will benefit the entire DW Sports business.

Scott Best, Executive Director at DW Sports, comments: “The rapid speed with which Workplace is able to implement its solution was a huge draw for us and means that we are scheduled to be live across the business within two months. Additionally, we will see a return on our investment within a short space of time. We have been very impressed by Workplace’s considerable market reputation and credible expertise in the retail and hospitality sectors, as well as proven successes with other clients.”

Barney Quinn, CEO at Workplace, comments: “Having assessed the existing workforce management process at DW Sports, we identified an opportunity to deliver significant cost savings to the business. Our due dilligence and the quick and effective deployment of our solution ensures minimal risk and interruption to the business. It’s truly satisfying for Workplace to know that our services help companies like DW Sports to maximise their operational efficiency and grow their business in a challenging climate.”