Clients and contacts of UK law firm Dundas & Wilson have something new to get their teeth into during their lunch breaks.

They’re being offered an innovative series of live online lunchtime seminars giving them easily digestible legal updates while they tuck into their sandwiches.

Branded ‘Lunchtime Online’, the sessions will allow invited participants to sit at their desks and take part in live seminars and discussions with the company’s legal experts on key topics that are relevant to them.

Using WebEx technology, which offers a fully-interactive experience to the user, including real-time Q&A, the half hour sessions will provide participants with up-to-the minute legal developments in a cost and time-effective forum.

Dundas & Wilson IT partner Allan Wardhaugh, said: ”This is a really innovative way of interacting with our contacts. These sessions are short, snappy, interactive and secure. They deliver face-to-face training at lunchtime without clients ever having to leave their desks.

“We’ll continue to offer longer seminars at our three UK offices, but Lunchtime Online will provide quick and practical sessions on a range of subjects without requiring any time away from the office.”

The sessions will be free and all the participants will need is access to the internet and a telephone. They will listen to the presentations via their phone and watch the legal expert and accompanying visual displays on their computer screen. The sessions will last approximately 30 minutes in total with 15 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes constituting a live question and answer session.

‘Lunchtime Online’ is being launched by Dundas & Wilson in May and kicks off with a seminar on IT/Information Management. The full line up is listed below:

Yet more new data security standards for businesses to comply with!
Speaker: Scott Von Poulton
Date & Time: Tuesday 19 May at 1.15 pm

Competition enforcement – a lot can happen in a year!
Speaker: Peter Willis
Date & Time: Tuesday 19 May at 1.15 pm

Internet Searches – Are your competitors using your brand to promote theirs?
Speaker: Cynthia Johnson
Date & Time: Wednesday 20 May at 1.15 pm

Protecting your human capital and client base
Speaker: Graham Paul
Date & Time: Thursday 21 May at 1.15 pm

For more information or to register for a place at a Lunchtime Online session, please contact Alison Duncan at [email protected] or visit our website