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The Cubiks Leadership 360 is a ready to use 360 feedback tool based on the Cubiks Leadership Model.

Today sees the launch of the eagerly anticipated Cubiks Leadership 360, a tool that has been developed to provide leaders with a framework to identify their strengths and development needs and will help them reach their full potential.

Cubiks is an international assessment and development consultancy that designs and delivers robust products and services for the assessment and development of human capital.

The Cubiks Leadership Model, the basis of this 360 feedback tool, consists of four generic leadership levels. The levels span “team leaders”, “middle level leaders”, “business leaders” and “executive leaders”, bringing to life what good leader behaviour looks like at each of these levels. It was developed by Cubiks’ assessment experts working in 16 countries and is ideal for use in international or cross-cultural settings.

  • The Cubiks Leadership 360 is a ready to use 360 feedback tool based on the Cubiks Leadership Model.
  • It provides leaders at different stages of their career with a comprehensive understanding of their strengths and development areas
  • It is unique in having versions which capture the expectations of leaders at the different stages of their career
  • Cubiks Leadership 360 has been developed using Cubiks’ international expertise in online assessment tools, services and solutions.

David Lawton, executive director of innovation, products and technology at Cubiks, said, “The Cubiks Leadership 360 is a truly unique tool. Capturing what effective leader behaviour looks like at different leadership levels. It can help leaders benchmark themselves in their current role and to explore the areas that they will need to develop to progress to the next leadership level”.

Cubiks Leadership 360 is the latest addition to Cubiks’ portfolio of user-friendly, innovative tools for selection and development. Through an extensive network of regional offices and delivery partners, Cubiks delivers a range of tools and services for selecting and developing people.

Cubiks combines business psychology services with an advanced portfolio of online products, providing products and services for selection, assessment and development for more than 1,000 clients in over 50 countries. Cubiks’ innovative tools and expert services enable clients to make informed selection and development decisions.

Cubiks has offices throughout Europe, regional offices in the United Arab Emirates, Malaysia and the USA and an international network of delivery partners. This global scope means Cubiks can offer culturally sensitive, competency-driven business psychology solutions in over 30 languages.

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