Effectively reporting accidents and ill-health at work can reduce long-term absences, the associated costs, and help avoid potential liability claims, says Corpore, part of Cunningham Lindsey.

Corpore is launching a comprehensive Absence Reporting and Management product for illness, incidents and RIDDOR (Reporting of Injuries, Disasters and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations 1995) notification, offering employers an effective method to capture and manage employee absence that will reduce lost sickness days.

Neil Irwin, general manager at Corpore, said: “As the cost of personal injury claims is rising, it is increasingly important at this time to do everything possible to minimise the risks and deal effectively with any incidents that arise.”

One large national employer reduced incidents by 10% by adopting a reporting system, while the average time between injuries occurring and being reported went from seven to three days with almost £1000 saved per case.

Irwin continues: “Since RIDDOR was introduced in 1995, it has been a legal requirement to report accidents and ill-health at work and it’s the responsibility of employers, self-employed people and people in control of premises to do so.

“However this needs to be done efficiently as early intervention is vital to effective rehabilitation. Recording the incident before a claim is made helps to avoid long-term staff absences and the often substantial costs that come with it, as well as minimises the potential for a liability claim against the company.

“Our new product is based on Corpore’s highly successful RIDDOR reporting system but offers a complete absence, injury and risk management package to help businesses manage reporting, and therefore costs, more effectively.”