Skillsoft is warning UK businesses of the damaging fines and prison sentences that can be enforced on those that fail to protect their employees and keep their compliance knowledge updated. Skillsoft is urging company directors to stop viewing compliance training as a cost and start appreciating its business value.

Skillsoft’s new compliance module, Skillsoft Advanced Compliance (AC), will make compliance training a viable option for every business, regardless of size or industry, enabling businesses to educate employees on complex regulations including health and safety, anti-bribery, equality, licensing, business ethics and code of conduct.

Learners can access relevant courses through the new module on both their mobile devices or desktops, stop work on their course halfway through and pick it up again at a later date at the same place they finished, rather than restarting the course. Businesses can also upload a diverse set of resources relevant to each training module for their learners to access, enabling them to learn either through videos, literature, images and digital content, as well as bespoke content.

Integrated with its Skillport Learning Management System, the new module enables organisations to ensure compliance across the business by allowing specific and consistent training requirements to be set and tracked to completion for different learner groups. Learners, supervisors and training administrators will be automatically alerted on their training status via email, allowing immediate review of training progress for planning and compliance purposes through flexible and robust reporting.

“Skillsoft has been active in compliance training for a number of years, observing how the marketplace has evolved. We already work with many UK and global businesses that have adopted a mature approach towards compliance, but recognise that many other organisations continue to view risk and compliance training as a cost to the business and simply hope that their employees will do the right thing,” comments Eugene Van Biert, VP & GM, Global Compliance Solutions.

“Such organisations are both endangering their business and employees by crossing their fingers that they will never need to prove they are compliant – a dangerous route that no company director should take given the ease with which compliance training can now be deployed to their employees.”