By using facial recognition specialist Aurora’s ClockFace biometric time and attendance system for construction sites, the Dunne Group is saving an estimated £150,000 a year in wrongly paid wage costs.

Dunne Group office manager Scott Mitchell says the combination of ClockFace’s facial recognition hardware and ClockFace Manager software is so accurate that it ensures the company doesn’t pay workers who haven’t actually turned up – a common problem on construction sites.

“By using ClockFace on our sites we can be sure that no one is able to clock anyone else in or out,” Mitchell says. “Every week on our bigger sites there are a number of absences, and if we don’t have a reliable method of keeping track of them, there will be a couple that get through the net.

“So ClockFace is essentially saving us money by preventing overpayment. That equates to a bare minimum of £300 a week per site, and at any one time we’ve probably got 10 sites active. So we save up to around £3,000 a week – which also means the new units pay for themselves very quickly.”

ClockFace is a fast and accurate biometric facial recognition system, designed to clock operatives on and off site. The unit is capable of being sited in high-throughput areas, and users simply enter a pin code and stand in front of the hardware whilst their identification is verified in seconds.

Aurora’s ClockFace was exactly what we were looking for at the time. It’s proven so successful that every six months or so we end up buying another unit because we’ve got another decent-sized site kicking off.





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