Real-time syncing, filtering and following of meetings and events create a seamless experience for teams and helps more people work the way they want to

Citrix today announced significant enhancements to the calendaring capabilities in the Cit rix Podio collaborative work platform, including new customisable filtering and viewing options and two new platform integrations with Outlook Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar. Combined with Podio’s recently announced integration with Citrix GoToMeeting, these new capabilities deliver a more personal and flexible calendaring experience for users, allowing teams to more effectively work together in and around their meetings, deadlines and projects.

In this new cloud era of business, increasingly mobile, dispersed and social workstyles are evolving: freedom in choice of tools and work practices is critical for these emerging workstyles to succeed. Podio is the world’s most open and connected collaborative work platform for teams, offering integrations with a wide range of leading file sharing and content storage services and cloud-based business solutions, including Citrix Sharefile and Citrix GoToMeeting. Podio’s latest calendar integrations with Outlook Exchange and Google Calendar empowers users and teams to effectively connect their external calendars with their mission-critical project management and collaboration apps in Podio.

The new Podio calendar integrations and updates include:

  • Connect with Outlook Exchange Calendar and Google Calendar: Users can connect their Podio calendar with their primary Outlook Exchange or Google calendar and keep track of all their critical Podio projects, deadlines, meetings and events, including any GoToMeeting details.
  • Customise and Personalise the Podio Calendar: Customisable viewing options, featuring a new sliding-bar filter that allows users to quickly toggle between personal and team events or display a custom combination of both.
  • Follow and Sync Workspace-Specific Calendars and Events: Users can “follow” or subscribe to apps and app content within workspaces to include them as deadlines and events on their primary external Outlook Exchange or Google calendars.

The Citrix Podio platform enables people to set up workspaces where they can connect with their teams, collaborate socially, work the way they want to and thus become more effective. To customise their workspaces, people can access and modify free apps from the Podio App Market, or create new apps to support their preferred workflows.

Related Quotes
“Calendaring and scheduling have long operated in a silo; we’d make meetings and mark events in one place, but set and work t owards deadlines in a separate system. With our latest calendar updates and added integrations, our users’ primary external calendars are connected and in sync with day-to-day project work happening in Podio, delivering one consistent global view that’s customisable and delivered in real time on any device. No more double booking.”
Tommy Ahlers, VP of Social Collaboration, Citrix.

“Podio continues to focus on platform flexibility and customisation, to enable more individuals and teams to plug in their favori te apps and services and get work done more efficiently and effectively. These latest integrations with Outlook Exchange and Google Calendar support and bridge the gap between calendaring and ongoing workflows, while the updates to Podio’s native calendar bring added visibility and relevancy to individual tasks and team projects and deadlines.” Alan Greenberg, senior analyst and partner, Wainhouse Research

“Calendaring is an age-old challenge for anyone making a combined effort on a project or task. With Podio’s enhanced calendar, our team can track both our individual deadlines and events, as well as what’s happening across the company, and even better, we can share our Podio calendars with our O utlook calendar, so we’re always up to date and in sync about what’s on the horizon.” Harrison Lynch, VP Merchandising, LetsTalk.