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CareerClover has recently launched to help jobseekers identify what career suits their personality best.

A skilful mix of science and career savvy, CareerClover employs a career path tests to help jobseekers searching for a new role to identify key strengths and work-based preferences. The service provides each user with a series of insights based on their responses as well as tailored advice and bespoke action plans to help them land a new role.

CareerClover has been developed by OPP Limited, one of the world’s largest distributors of psychometric tools. It has delivered personality-based insights to employers, employees and candidates for a quarter of a century, making it ideally placed to offer current jobseekers sophisticated, accessible and relevant guidance when it comes to deciding on a new direction.

Unique career path tests and personality tests are increasingly employed by larger organisations to improve employee satisfaction, and place candidates in jobs where their skills and talents will be most effective. CareerClover helps anyone thinking they might need a new career, whether they’re fresh out of university or looking for a change of direction, to tap into a new way of thinking before beginning the application process.

Rob Bailey, Head of Research and Development for CareerClover says, “We use the unique 16PF personality assessment, which has been researched and honed over a period of 60 years. It is an accurate and reliable tool already used by millions of professionals. Employers like Siemens, Air Malta and many National Health Services use this method as part of their recruitment process. We are turning the tables by allowing jobseekers to use it to find a position that is suitable for their personality, their skills and their unique traits. It helps them answer the question, ‘What career would suit me?’ before searching for or accepting a new position. The launch of CareerClover is a real landmark for those struggling to find a job that pays the bills and delivers personal satisfaction.

The technologies used in the job market are changing rapidly and we hope to be at the forefront of that change. We have pioneered a service that empowers jobseekers to find positions where they’ll excel, rather than being unhappy in jobs that don’t fit their personality.”

The CareerClover assessment comprises of three simple steps – first, jobseekers take a free personality test in order to evaluate their key career strengths and preferences. This data is then used to generate insights and resources based on their personality, helping them to explore career change ideas and company cultures that would be the perfect fit for them. Finally, jobseekers receive an action plan to help them get the role that they want.