Competition to find company’s most interesting team unearths fun side of employees

A team of ten call-centre colleagues are celebrating after winning the title of Endsleigh’s Most Interesting Team. Endsleigh, a specialist insurance provider for students, graduates and education professionals launched the competition earlier this year giving teams the opportunity to win £250. The search aimed to highlight the talents and diversity of employees, promote teamwork and show the lighter side of people across the company.

Groups from different areas of the business went head to head recounting stories of their spare time hobbies – including taste testing delicacies from around the world, officiating as an Olympic track judge and a claim to fame with one ex-musician appearing on BBC’s ‘Top of the Pops’. The Compass House sales team at Endsleigh were announced the winners of the competition.

Team members in the Compass House team impressed the judges with their extra-curricular activities. One of the team collects exotic geckos, another competes in pool tournaments across the country, and one of the team represents England at beach rugby.

Chris Howell from Compass House has worked at Endsleigh for over a year and in his spare time also represents the UK in Beach Rugby. He said, “I can’t believe we won! I never thought my passion for Beach Rugby would help me win a competition at work but I am made up that it has. The team has decided to pool our winnings together and go out with the rest of the department on a big night out. It’s been brilliant to be able to show that we are more than just employees and for Endsleigh to help celebrate our pursuits outside of work.”

Rita Rountree, Communications Executive at Endsleigh Insurance, said:

“The aim of the competition was about showcasing the individuals who work here and celebrating the vibrant lives they lead. We’re so proud of the passion and enthusiasm our people display and we wanted to encourage and motivate them to show us what drives them out of work. We unearthed a lot of exceptionally interesting talents, hobbies and out of work activities and I am hoping it has brought teams closer together. ”

Running alongside Endsleigh’s Most Interesting Team, was a similar competition for teachers.  The search aimed to highlight the talents and diversity of teaching staff across the country and how this was reflected in the work they do. After strong competition, Ribston Hall High School girls’ school was awarded the accolade and will receive £1,000 digital equipment as a prize for the school and £250 high street vouchers for each member of the team.