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Young British professionals are more collaborative, flexible and have a higher tolerance for workplace stress than their American peers, according to new analysis conducted by Good.Co, the workplace happiness company.

Good.Co’s analysis of more than 100,000 psychometric surveys completed in the development of its career mapping application revealed that while young workers in Britain and the US share many strengths and values, there are also subtle cultural differences. 

Decisive, authoritative and with clear vision of how things should be done, young Brits are seven per cent more likely to thrive in a stressful working environment, seven per cent more flexible and four per cent more collaborative than their US counterparts. They also place more value in being part of a close-knit team.

Five per cent better motivated, young Americans are more devoted to their work, enjoy a greater level of emotional stability and more willing to take risks than their British cousins. American millennials score more strongly for empathy and are more likely to make sure that the whole team benefits from members’ successes.

Dr Kerry Schofield, Chief Psychometrics Officer at Good.Co, Inc., comments: “Each of us has our own unique personality and ways of working, which contribute to a wider company culture. How we fit with colleagues and within those cultures has a major bearing on workplace happiness. 

“Good.Co’s free mobile app allows people to discover their hidden strengths, how they can work more happily with colleagues and identify companies that would fit them like a glove. When you go for a job interview or to meet somebody new you’ll be able to check out how well you’re likely to get along with them and how to get the best out of the interaction.

“With young US workers receiving higher scores for emotional stability it is possible that the British upper lip may not be as stiff as the stereotype suggests. That said, the decisiveness, flexibility and higher tolerance for workplace stress amongst young Brits means that they are psychologically well prepared for the increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex nature of business today.”

UK Career Map by Personality Type

Good.Co’s analysis also revealed the dominant workplace personalities, relative strengths and ideal career paths for each UK region. For instance, Londoners are – on the whole – most like the Personal Archetype identified by Good.Co as the Socialite, extroverted balls of energy that love attention and treat life like a party. While Socialites are respected by the steady, practical and ever-supportive Advocatesthat typify the workforce of Scotland, they also risk being considered as reckless and unreliable.


Good.Co’s data team analysed the results of more than 100,000 psychometric self-discovery assessments completed at over the last 12 months to create an aggregated view of the workplace personality and cultural traits present in each region studied. When individuals take the test Good.Co is able to score them across 15 personality traits to create a map of their strengths and cultural fit with friends, colleagues and more than 4,000 companies.