Times are tough and we’re all working harder than ever, as more is expected of us in our roles at work. In order to look after employees, employers have to take responsibility to ensure our employee’s wellbeing. One opportunity for employers to promote wellbeing at work is to take part in the National Stress Awareness Day initiative, scheduled for next Wednesday the 3rd of November.

Organised by the International Stress Awareness Association, the day allows for businesses to reflect on the executive pressures in our lives so we as employers can cope with them.

Ann McCracken, the Chair of ISMA said, “we’re in our 12th year which clearly shows that the management of stress is still highly relevant, both in the workplace and in society.” 100% of organisations that took part last year said their organisation and staff had benefitted and they would take part again. Many suggested that they would introduce wellbeing activities on a regular basis.

Mobile Feel Good Company work with many leading UK companies such as Royal Bank of Canada, London Deanery and Groupe Aeroplan to combat stress at work and bring the Feel Good factor to offices.

On offer to staff are one-hour taster classes in yoga and breathing bootcamp, osteopath seminars on posture and ergonomics and nutrition talks on Top 10 Tips for Beating Stress. There are also ergonomic chair massage including; deep tissue massage, Indian head massage, aromatherapy and reflexology to combat neck, back and shoulder tension, as well as more severe muscular-skeletal issues.

Debbie Conti at Groupe Aeroplan said, “Every year our wellbeing week is hugely popular with staff. It gives people permission to take time and try new ways to relax in the workplace, which is much appreciated by our valued people. Sessions were fully booked within one hour of the launch”.

The Mobile Feel Good Company pioneered wellness at work 12 years ago, in 1998 and remain at the forefront of the industry bringing the finest therapists, teachers and speakers into the workplace to ensure people stay well at work.

The CIPD published its’ 11th annual absence at work survey on the 26th of October. Absences have risen with over one third of companies reporting an increase. Muscular skeletal problems being the first most common reason, followed by stress the second.

38% of employees have had mental health problems including anxiety and depression reported in the workplace, up from 20% last year.

National Stress Awareness Day should serve us as a reminder that as employers, we can value from providing wellbeing in our workplace so as to avoid costly potential health problems arising.