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10MinutesWith (www.10MinutesWith.com), the global career matchmaker, unveils its innovative platform to address the underlying issue of graduate turnover attributed to the lack of communication between students, universities and employers. In Europe, 40 percent of employers – inundated by mass exodus of their junior staff – cite mismatched skills and expectations as the primary reason they cannot fill entry-level jobs, while students are overwhelmed by generic information about career options available to them.i 10MinutesWith’s insight-driven proprietary content improves communication among companies, students and schools, allowing graduates to learn, identify and pursue the most suitable career, and companies to find the right candidate directly from a global pool of highly qualified talent.

The lack of communication has resulted in many career service providers offering outdated and generic information to students. A mismatch in expectations often results in a high employee turnover: a worsening problem as the global employee turnover in the next five years is predicted to rise from 20.6 percent to 23.4 percent.ii A high turnover has a tremendous cost to companies, not only in terms of reduced productivity and low employee morale but also in terms of missed business opportunities. 10MinutesWith bridges the knowledge gap by offering real insights into the true nature of different roles worldwide. Graduates can understand what is the most suitable career path, apply for roles that they truly want and make informed long lasting decisions, whether they pursue a career in a more traditional field or in an emerging or lesser ”travelled” path.

Manfredi Di Cintio, CEO and founder of 10MinutesWith, says, “Finding the right career is like finding the right partner – it is an important decision and relevant information is required for the right match. Our education and communication platform facilitates the interaction between graduates and companies. Our content, rich in insights, inspires and educates students about various options across different functions and, sectors and geographies – to empower them to pursue their dreams and not be defined by what’s trending. We also want to help companies get the right talent fit – we reverse engineer the recruitment process through our top quality and highly targeted Talent Search Database, where companies can handpick the right talent directly. This is more efficient and ultimately leads to better hiring choices.”

10MinutesWith launches its new platform with over 120 prestigious academic institutions across the globe as its partners, including, among others, University of Cambridge, London Business School and INSEAD; and over 100 leading multinationals such as ING, Lamborghini and Kone, and NGOs including Greenpeace and the Red Cross. More schools, companies and students join the platform every day.