COO of the home improvement firm Wickes said in the report:  “You cannot judge the world based on the way you see and experience it. This, of course, means you have to listen to everyone in the team – really listen – accept what they share as true (even if you haven’t seen it or witnessed it), and then work together to develop actions to improve.”

English Cricket on Diversity and Inclusion

The English Cricket Board’s (ECB) Player Lead, David Court, was also quoted in the report. He said: “I think we can focus too much on culture, and not a lot on ‘belonging’. Culture comes from a sense of ‘belonging’ and understanding the identity of the organisation.”

He added: “It is very clear that it is vital for all employers, particularly in this day and age, not to make assumptions when employees come forward with allegations of discrimination and harassment.”

He also said “culture” or “banter” is not an excuse for businesses to not investigate complaints independently.

 Mr Le Riche said organisations needed to show staff that racism isn’t tolerated and that there will be disciplinary action, even if those staff are not sacked.


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