Whitehall, the home of the British Government, is shrinking

Whitehall, the home of the British Government, is shrinking

The number of offices owned by the Government is to be slashed by 75 per cent by 2023, it has been announced.

Civil servants will operate in just 200 offices, down from 800 today, and the Whitehall estate in central London will shrink to just 20 buildings by 2025.

Since 2010, the size of the Government estate has been reduced by 2.4 million square metres, which is the size of 336 bureaucracy ridden football pitches.

The average government employee now has 10.4 square metres of office space each, down 20 percent on 2010. Overall the size of the government estate has reduced by 28 percent.

Crusty old buildings such as the Old War Office and Admiralty Arch have been sold off, and ministers, The Independent reports, are also considering the future of the famous MI6 and MI5 buildings on the banks of the Thames.





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