Taking time out from work can help employees de-stress and allow them to be more productive at work, a life coach has suggested.

According to Lynette Allen, Britain’s non-stop working culture can cause stress and anxiety and is not a productive way to attain success.

Better working performances can be achieved if employees take time off work to enjoy activities that have nothing to do with their jobs, she claimed.

"The pressure we are under at work means we feel quite stressed and anxious and at times worry. Obviously a build up of stress over time can lead to lots of unwanted illnesses," said Ms Allen.

A healthy work-life balance that includes quality time spent with family and friends away from the office is key to preventing stress and boosting productivity, she insisted.

Even just taking a half hour stroll with a friend at lunchtime can help staff approach their work from a fresh and more effective perspective when they return.

Research commissioned by Standard Life Healthcare reveals that 35 per cent of employees find it difficult to switch off after work.