Three-quarters of employees are thinking about making a complete career change, according to a study of 2,648 people.

But they are not seeking the right advice, according to the survey by One Poll on behalf of Skills for Health and the National Health Service (NHS) Careers Service.

While 80 per cent of employees say it is important to have a fulfilling career, 41 per cent do not feel this way working in their current industry.

Paula Hardwick, partnership and propositions manager at the Health Learning and Skills Advice Line, said it is concerning people are missing out on expert advice.

"Family, friends and colleagues may be well-meaning but they are not necessarily well-informed," she added.

The study revealed the sectors people would most like to work in are the broadcasting and creative sector, followed by the healthcare industry.

A survey revealed over half of recent graduates are concerned about finding a job in the current financial climate.