The top stories you may have missed this week in HR

Listed below are the biggest stories you may have missed this week.

Companies are not ethically prepared for AI says Brian Kropp VP at Gartner

HRreview sat down with Brian Kropp, group vice president, of Gartner’s HR practice to discuss the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how he believes companies are far from ethically prepared to implement it.

Managers with emotional intelligence are less effective and popular

Managers with a high level of emotional intelligence are more likely to be unpopular and ineffective when compared to their peers.

This research comes from Manchester Metropolitan University and the EMLyon Business School in France, which is in contrast to “the common assumption that increased emotional intelligence is always a good trait for managers.”

Top tips for employers to boost their workers financial wellbeing

In response to the majority of employers saying it is their responsibility to support staff with financial wellbeing, Aon has released their seven top tips for bosses to assist in their employees’ financial wellbeing.

The global professional services firm report ‘Aon 2019 Benefits & Trends Survey’ shows that 62.5 per cent of employers feel it is their responsibility to help staff in regards to financial wellbeing. As well as 98 per cent wishing to improve employee engagement in the subject.

Barclays to no longer use contractors is ‘a taste of the IR35 chaos to come’

Barclays Bank has announced it will stop using off-payroll contractors through limited companies, which has been described as “a taste of the IR35 chaos to come”.

The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed (IPSE) believes this is a sign of the damages the legislation will bring with it. Barclays will be shifting all of its contractors onto the Pay As You Earn (PAYE) system.

The 11 reasons why business leaders fail

A list of reasons why business leaders fail has been put together by Hogan Assessment, a company which specialises in personality assessment and consulting.

This list has been put together following research which stated that 52 per cent of employees identify their boss as their main source of job dissatisfaction.

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