The top HR stories you may have missed this week

Listed below are the biggest stories you may have missed this week.

How to avoid the ‘Monday blues’

Flexible office specialist, Workthere have offered their top tips on how to avoid the “Monday Blues” as we approach the 20th January, which has been dubbed as the “most depressing” day of the year.

Is flexible working reserved for senior staff?

Flexible working seems to be linked to seniority and higher salary as just under three-quarters of senior managers or directors enjoy this style of work compared to under half of the junior-level roles. It was found that 71 per cent of senior staff and directors work flexibly whereas only 48 per cent of more junior employees take part in flexible working.

Could HR and finance working together help UK’s productivity puzzle?

There is a lack of communication and collaboration between HR and finance teams which may be exacerbating the UK’s productivity puzzle. OrgVue found that only 40 per cent of people in HR and finance have a collaborative relationship. Despite, 84 per cent of business leaders saying that better collaboration between finance and HR would improve their ability to plan and execute their strategy.

Millennials and Gen Z see career progression more pivotal than pay

This is according to, who discovered that 82 per cent of mainly millennials and Gen Z survey say job progression is more essential than pay. Survey respondents said that the main reason they would quit a role is lack of career advancement opportunity, with low pay coming in second and an absence of salary raise in at third.

The lunch hour is disappearing due to overworked employees

The lunch hour is being killed by overworked employees, as they feel if they do take a break they will not be able to complete their everyday tasks. Flexioffices, found that 22 per cent of employees say they have too much work stopping them from having a proper break.

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