Survey reveals employees want to see an end to workplace festivities

The festive party could become a ghost of Christmas past if employees get their way as a survey reveals that 75 per cent don’t want an invite this year.

The research, which was commissioned by leading health care cash plan provider, Sovereign Health Care, asked over 1,000 employees from across the UK how they feel about Christmas in the workplace and whether the tough times have impacted celebrations.

The results revealed that 85 per cent of employees no longer receive a gift or card from their employer, 73 per cent are not given a Christmas bonus and one quarter have had their party cancelled – however, the survey reveals that for the majority the latter is a welcomed relief.

The reasons given by employees for wanting an end to the Christmas party include:

• A reluctance to financially contribute to celebrations
• An unwillingness to spend more time with work colleagues, preferring to be with their family and friends
• And a preference for them to be given the money instead in lieu of a party

Over 45 per cent of employees who still have a Christmas party to attend this year have been asked by their employer to financially contribute and 72 per cent simply don’t want to spend any more of their free time with their work colleagues unless it’s paid for by their employer.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Of the 15 per cent who receive a gift either in the form of a monetary perk or personal token, 92 per cent really appreciate the thought behind it and say it makes them more productive and loyal to their boss.

Russ Piper, Chief Executive of Sovereign Health Care says: “We’ve been really surprised by the survey findings. The office Christmas party was once viewed as something to look forward to, a treat in which employer and employees alike could let their hair down and celebrate the end of the year together.

“However, it looks like things have really changed. Employees now want their rewards to hit their pay packet or be reflected in the benefits they receive. While this seems sad, it’s really a sign of the times and the challenges that people are facing in the current climate. The survey shows that it’s still important that employers try their very best to keep staff morale up in order to retain a loyal and productive workforce.”

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