One firm has outsourced its HRA leading global technology group has taken steps to outsource its entire HR and payroll departments, consisting of 21,000 employees in 50 countries.

Invensys has joined forces with NorthgateArinso to implement plans that will see workers managing any HR administration themselves.

It is hoped that this will leave the actual HR team with more time to focus on strategic planning.

Paula Larson, European vice-president of HR at Invensys, said: “We started to review our options to provide a better HR service to our internal clients and this partnership will transform the way we provide the service at a lower cost.”

And Mike Ettling, chief executive officer at NorthgateArinso, added that the plans will also ensure Invensys complies with the many employment regulations that exist worldwide.

All HR employees will now be supported by a single supplier throughout the entire lifecycle of individual workers.

With a greater focus on HR, staff wellbeing in the workplace may also be ensured, the Institute for Employment Studies recently revealed.