According to research by Performance Management company Lane4, nearly nine in 10 of the UK workforce believes that their management team does not provide the training and guidance required to enable them to succeed in their role.

The online survey of 1,500 UK workers found that 57% of workers do not feel as though they are being communicated to clearly in regards to their personal job progression.

It also revealed that 78% of respondents feel that they do not get sufficient information on the organisation they work for, while 39% said that their team suffered from poor dynamics.

Managing Director of Lane4, Adrian Moorhouse, said:

“Ineffective communication between employees and management has serious consequences on both morale and performance.

“With over three-quarters of workers reporting they don’t feel like they’re being communicated to by their senior management, there’s a real opportunity for business leaders to develop a line of sight between the visions and strategies created by senior levels.”

He concluded:

“This will ultimately help to drive employee engagement, which we know has a direct impact on business results.”