Just a quarter of workers in the world have a permanent job, suggesting that the amount of agency staff and temporary employees are on the rise globally.

The REC’s latest report, based on findings from the International Labour Organisation (ILO) states that one in five employers have increased staffing levels over the last year, and that 84 percent are using temporary staff to bridge the skills shortage in the permanent market for short-term access to necessary skills.

Graeme McKinnon, managing director of Select Appointments, said:

“We are increasingly seeing greater demand and competition for skilled workers, which means temporary staff are being used to bridge the gap.

“This is not just happening here but on a worldwide basis. As a result the demand for permanent workers and agency workers is increasing and all the signs are that this will continue.”

The ILO says flexibility in employment does have some advantages, but it also adds to the risk that workers will be exploited.





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