School teachers are not renowned for their spare time, so HR considerations are probably placed quite low on many teacher’s priority lists. Now, in an attempt to remedy this, solicitors SAS Daniels LLP has launched Education 360, a legal and HR employment advisory and administration service to help schools manage staff more effectively.

The service is available to all types of schools and aims to offer access to robust employment law and HR advice when needed, as well as ongoing fixed fee consultancy and practical help when required.

Usually, schools turn to the Local Authority employment service to help manage their teachers, administrators and support staff. However, the advice it offers is not always provided by lawyers and is often capped at as little as 1.5 hours per employee. For most staff issues this is insufficient to reach a resolution. As part of SAS Protect, schools can access unlimited, practical and robust legal advice and onsite HR support at a fixed fee.

“Dealing with any staff issues can be extremely time consuming. This service is the first of its kind and brings together the best legal, HR, employment and administration expertise available from one team to provide an employment and HR service combined with HR administration and payroll, all in one place,” commented John Cook, head of the employment law and HR Team at SAS Daniels.


The HR Administration Online is another service that will be offered, providing schools with the ability to manage HR documents online. An online payroll service will also remove the burden of managing the payroll from the school.

SAS Daniels will also work in partnership with education specialist Alan Hewitt to deliver consultancy to schools, academies and sponsors that require support for strategic planning, developing quality processes and systems and raising educational standards.





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