Public sector employees will fight to save jobs and services, claims UNISONPublic sector employees are “not a soft touch” and will dig in to protect jobs and services it has been claimed.

As spending cuts appear to loom large for whichever party or coalition forms a government, HR strategy and practice in such areas of UK employment is seems likely to be affected.

Statistics from Income Data Services revealed the number of pay freezes among public sector has increased.

Anne Mitchell, a spokesperson for trade union body Unison, said that workers “are facing very tough times” but warned that they would not be easy to shift.

“Public services are not a soft touch and where our members are looking to take action to protect those services and to protect jobs they will have the backing of the union,” she added.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation chief executive Kevin Green has warned the next government must do a balancing act of cutting spending while stimulating economic growth and avoid mass redundancies.

By Cameron Thomson