The motivational approaches adopted by organisations are failing to have a constructive effect on managers and their colleagues, new statistics reveal.

According to the 2008 edition of the Ashridge Management Index, entitled Meeting the Challenges of the 21st Century, while 70 per cent of bosses report there being a positive leadership environment within their firms, 55 per cent are critical of the motivational strategies adopted.

The report suggests that managers are motivated by challenging and interesting work, as opposed to earning power.

About the findings, Fiona Debt, research author and director of executive education at Astridge, stated: "A strong theme from managers’ responses is the desire to move beyond a ‘sheep dip’ way of motivating.

"Managers want to be treated as individuals and for there to be a clear understanding of what types of motivation work best to gain results from different individuals and teams."

Meanwhile, figures released recently by HR consultancy BlessingWhite suggested that almost one-quarter of UK employees feel disengaged from their work as a result of poor management.