One in every five UK employees feels frustrated in their job, according to new research from the global management consultancy Hay Group.

A survey of over one million workers revealed that inflexible management structures coupled with poor support services are creating a negative working environment

Half of those questioned said they felt they did not have the authority to make decisions central to their job, while 35 per cent said their skills and abilities were not being used to their full potential.

Ben Hubbard, EMEA director at Hay Group’s employee survey division, warned that frustrated employees can pose a major threat to businesses looking to retain capable staff.

Indeed, competition among employers to recruit and hold onto the most talented workers means employers need to create an environment that is as supportive as possible, he said.

The 2007 recruitment, retention and turnover survey from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development revealed that the overall employee turnover rate for the UK is 18.1 per cent.