Employers seeking to achieve high levels of recruitment and retention in today’s globalised world need to adopt cross cultural assessment strategies, new research suggests.

According to a study by the human resources group Penna, almost six out of ten organisations do not have any means of effectively assessing workers from other countries.

It revealed that while two-thirds of employers believe assessment is vital when recruiting international candidates, just 19 per cent have adopted a multilingual approach to testing.

Penna believes the results of the survey are worrying, as employees are moving across borders much more frequently and employers who fail to take cultural differences into account when recruiting could therefore miss out on a large pool of talent.

Diana Haddad, managing director of Penna, said: "To ensure that cross-border recruitment is as seamless as possible, organisations should choose a recruitment partner who can manage their whole international recruitment strategy, while at the same time taking a country by country approach incorporating local knowledge and local consultants."

According to the latest recruitment, retention and turnover report from the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development, the most common places to position job advertisements aimed at attracting candidates are recruitment agencies, the company’s own website and local newspapers.