Managers are concerned about giving negative feedbackManagers – who could include those working in HR departments – in the UK are concerned about giving their staff negative feedback, it has been revealed, which may be due to fears over reducing motivation within the workforce.

Andy Clare, partner at Shine Feedback, said that it appeared from the group’s research that fewer managers were dedicating their time to performance management, by sitting down and talking with individual workers about how their job was going, what they were doing well and where they may be failing.

"Importantly, they are not particularly good at having conversations with people when their performance isn’t good enough," he added.

Mr Clare claimed that when the research was last conducted some five years ago it was found that while managers were generally good at setting objectives, they were not so good at coaching and helping staff to develop their skills and careers.

The news comes after the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills announced the launch of a new single hotline where employees could receive advice on their workplace rights and report any grievances.