A Sikh policeman has won a discrimination caseA Sikh policeman has been awarded over £10,000 in compensation after accusing his employers of discrimination when they requested that he remove his turban.

An employment tribunal found in favour of PC Gurmeal Singh, 31, who told how Greater Manchester Police (GMP) had asked him to remove his religious headwear and replace it with a helmet for riot control training.

Mr Singh received £3,500 for "indirect discrimination" and £6,500 for harassment and has now returned to work.

It is against the Sikh religion for men to alter or remove the turban in public and the policeman said that the incident had caused him to suffer from panic attacks, stress and palpitations.

Judge Murray Creed, chairman of the employment tribunal panel, said: "The GMP should amend its police uniform and equipment policy to take into account the racial and religious requirement of Sikh officers," the Independent reports.

And Mr Singh’s solicitor Jag Brar said the result had been a "landmark decision" for all Sikhs working in the UK police force.

A turban is formed out of a long piece of cloth similar to a scarf.