An expert has reminded entrepreneurs of the importance of talented and personable line managers in maintaining workforce morale and building bridges between staff at various levels of company hierarchies.

Institute for Employment Studies principal research fellow Dilys Robinson explained that it is essential line managers are provided with the support necessary to perform their role effectively, as they are in regular close contact with employees.

“It is often the line manager who is predominantly responsible for the mood of the team and an effective, encouraging, engaging manager can motivate the team to produce excellent results even when times are difficult,” she said.

Ms Robinson suggested that adequate training is key to equipping managerial staff with sufficient knowledge and confidence to give them the ability to boost productivity and reduce employee turnover.

Bosses looking for practical expert tips on how to improve workplace relationships could benefit from attending the Employee Engagement Summit 2011, which will take place on March 3rd at London’s Canary Wharf.

Posted by Hayley Edwards