As unemployment levels remain at their highest for a generation, Office Angels is urging jobseekers to look beyond the basic salary offered for a role and consider all of the benefits that come with a job.

This is in response to new data from Office Angels and mysalarychecker which shows that sales and telesales roles are in demand across all industries as companies look for successful sales people to help position their business for future growth.

While advertised salaries are at the lower end for general staffing administrative roles, successful sales and telesales advisors can earn considerably more through commission and bonus schemes.

Sales can also be an excellent route into a new business or industry. Roles such as these provide a great introduction to an organisation and allow candidates to understand the structure of a company and how the business grows, so they can be a great stepping stone into other careers. The skills involved in these roles are also highly transferable and can help candidates develop fundamental skills which allow them to be flexible in moving into other sectors.

David Clubb, Managing Director of Office Angels said:

“Next year is undoubtedly going to be incredibly tough, and jobseekers are going to have to be more flexible when applying for jobs. Candidates shouldn’t just look at the salary of any given role but also consider the wider package and where the job may lead in terms of future opportunities. Commission, bonuses and other benefits can boost a mediocre salary and ensure that take-home pay is much higher.

“Our data shows that there are plenty of advertised vacancies available, although the large pool of jobseekers in the UK means that there will be strong competition for roles. Being prepared to accept a lower salary and then work hard to supplement that through performance-related pay can help candidates widen their search. Sales roles can also be crucial to career development, helping people who are new to the workforce to develop transferable skills which can help them in their future careers.”