In order to stand out from the crowd in the recruitment process applicants need to work on their interview skills, an employment advice website says.

Job seekers are finding it hard to secure employment in the current financial crisis but using the right skills will help, says.

People with a good interview technique and the ability to communicate effectively with the interviewer are likely to succeed, the organisation says.

Anders Jensen, marketing manager at ClickAJob, said an employer assesses the applicant’s attitude towards the company and the job and how committed and professional they are.

"You can’t learn involvement or commitment, so you have to work on your state of mind more than your firm handshake and engaging smile," he added.

In recent news, online recruitment in the UK has fallen for the fourth month in a row, leading to it reaching the lowest level in the last 18 months.

The most significant fall was seen in the banking, finance and insurance sectors while human resources reached its lowest level for two years.