Pioneering start-up companies in India are starting to introduce  ‘free-look’ periods when new hires have the right to leave or stay having had time to see and to judge the company’s working culture and office atmosphere.

Start-ups believe that the first engagements with the employee for the first 30 days are key to the future development of the relationship between employer and employee. To aide this process Indian start-ups are increasingly relying on ‘on-boarding strategies.

Indian education technology company Simplilearn is one of the first Indian companies to develop has a ‘free look policy’, writes the Press Trust of India. The policy applies to hires at all levels of the company including management. Under this, new hires are required to focus on training and familiarising themselves with Simplilearn’s process and culture.

“We give liberty to new hires to judge our culture, understand the job profile and let them assess if they would be a cultural fit considering personal and professional parameters,” Simplilearn COO Gerald Jaideep said.

According to experts, in an overtly competitive marketplace where talent is in short supply, a well-designed on-boarding strategy is key to a successful work place.





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