Global Mobility Week 2015

Taking a look at the key international HR and expatriated management issues and trends in 2015 we collated a series of useful and insightful articles into a special edition.

The world is getting smaller, with more organisations than ever becoming increasingly globalised through international assignments. In many corporations based wholly or partly in the UK, international assignments play a pivotal role in succession planning and talent development as well as being an effective means of transferring knowledge, expertise and even corporate culture around the world. The week represents the continuation of our commitment at HRreview to provide expert information for our readers on the key issues in HR today.

Once again, we had a great response from our readers, who downloaded the special edition PDF in record numbers, voted in our polls and commented on and shared our content. No wonder, with contributions from some of the UK’s leading experts on global HR issues. Our most popular piece was an exclusive interview with Jurga McCluskey, partner and head of immigration at ‘big four’ management consultancy Deloitte.

The PDF featuring all HRreview’s special edition articles can still be downloaded from the Global Mobility special edition homepage.

This special edition download, Global Mobility 2015, highlights the key challenges and opportunities associated with managing staff overseas. Thought leaders and experienced HR executives discuss some of the key expatriate management issues HR professionals will face in 2015, including temporary assignments, talent management and succession planning.

ProGlobal 2015

Get the on board with the leading successful strategies of a whole variety of HR experts with Symposium’s conference on global mobility.

Receive a 40 percent discount to Symposium’s ProGlobal 2015 conference by downloading the special edition. The event in London on 9th July that provides a unique opportunity for senior in-house HR and global mobility professionals to discuss the challenges, solutions and trends influencing the success of their international assignments. The event boasts a stellar line-up of expert speakers, including the opportunity to hear more from Deloitte’s Jurga McCluskey.

To find out more about the conference simply visit the Symposium website.

We would like to thank Symposium and Crown World Mobility for supporting Global Mobility 2015.

Don’t miss the next special edition

Our next special edition will arrive at the end of June, when we will delve into the world of recruitment.

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