Management should take holidays to boost motivationBusinesses and human resources departments need to act as a team to ensure that their management takes an annual holiday – which could boost motivation and productivity – according to one sector commentator.

Mike Petrook, spokesperson for the Chartered Management Institute, said organisation was needed to make sure that two employees who were responsible for the same task or department were not away from the office simultaneously.

In determining when a suitable time to go away was, he advised that it should be decided at a team level.

"Fundamentally, the message has to be that if you don’t book holidays, if you don’t take time off, you won’t be rested and mistakes will be more likely to happen," Mr Petrook stated.

However, recent research by the Chartered Management Institute revealed that four out of the ten managers surveyed had still not booked off their summer holiday.

Furthermore, 33 per cent said they would rather exchange their holiday entitlement for cash, while 20 per cent claimed an excessive workload was preventing them from taking time off.