Flexible working should not just look at where and when employees work, but how it can help them be more productive, a mobile phone company says.

Employers should treat their staff as individuals in order to meet their requirements which in turn will help them fulfil their potential, according to Vodafone.

Recent research by the company shows 56 per cent of young employees value the social aspects of work as the most important after being paid.

David Cumberbatch, a business psychologist speaking on behalf of Vodafone, said young people want to work together with others for a common purpose.

"Policies about flexibility are not just about enabling people to work at home, but it is about meeting the needs and getting the best out of people flexibly so that everyone is working towards the same end goal," he added.

The research also showed one in five 16-25 year-olds believe the rise of flexible working could damage the sense of community at work.