Expats often have problems, warns specialistOne expert has warned expats to expect some dissatisfaction after making their life-changing decision to relocate, advice that may affect companies employing overseas workers.

A new survey by insurance company Standard Life found that a lot of people want to retire abroad, with Spain, France and the US being the most popular destinations.

However, property website BuyAssociation’s editor Paul Collins suggested that many of those who have moved away become unhappy.

“People find that they tend to miss their families more than they thought they would. That they don’t fit into the local culture in the same way that they thought they would,” he explained.

Leisure facilities and shops are often missed, Mr Collins added, while others are shocked and upset to realise they do not have the easy access to healthcare facilities they have enjoyed in the UK.

He advised everyone moving overseas to use independent lawyers if they intend to buy property and follow the same commonsense principles as they would in their home country.

Posted by Ross George