Business owners and HR managers are being urged to take steps to prevent their employees drowning in work through poor use of time.

Jerry Hopkins, Founder of, has launched an innovative online boot camp to help employees get the most from their working day.

The eight one-hour webinars, spread across just four weeks, will show people how to create a clear vision, put in place a time management system and learn delegation and communication skills.

Jerry said: “We are all busy. The difference is that some of us are alive with purpose, energy and work satisfaction, while others are drowning in their workload.

“ is a four week online course during which participants will make a few simple shifts in their approach to work that will make a massive difference to their time.”

Among the biggest issues Jerry says stressed employees face are:

  • Not being sure of what they should be doing;
  • Feeling they would have been better doing something themselves because they have delegated poorly;
  • Rushing work tasks instead of giving them the time they need;
  • Drowning in a sea of emails and unfinished tasks.