A business consultancy has suggested training for employers to help them understand stress and reduce occurrences of it in the workplace.

Business Link was commenting in light of new research linking long hours to a reduction in employee wellbeing.

Chris Simpson, Business Link adviser, has said that employers need to be aware of stress and should define ways to "identify and monitor potential risks".

Mr Simpson said that stress can occur as a result of heavy workloads and "a lack of control". He explained: "There is a lot of pressure in regards to the potential loss of jobs, and all the managers and the senior managers need to obviously deal with that and really have more awareness of what their employees are feeling."

Positive preventative action such as promotion of healthy living was suggested by Mr Simpson. He also said companies could look at "stress counselling".

The Psychosocial Working Conditions in Britain in 2008 report from the Health and Safety Executive revealed that psychosocial working conditions in Britain have not changed significantly between 2004 and 2008.