Is it crucial for employers to research job candidates prior to hiring them, an industry body has advised.

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), companies should check the information presented in a CV is accurate, for example by asking to see examination certificates and confirming with colleges that people have studied there.

Anne Fairweather, REC head of public policy, said: "It’s hard enough to pick the right candidate for a job as it is so you would certainly expect them to be telling the truth in the process."

She went on to say that, when attempting to spot lies in a CV, checking gaps in employment is "the classic one".

Ms Fairweather stated that employers should always ask questions around this area and make sure that the facts are there.

A study conducted recently by the Risk Advisory Group found that, of over 3,800 CVs examined, more than 50 per cent contained inaccuracies.