An expert has recommended that companies looking to improve their employee engagement methods should tailor their approach to the needs and preferences of individual workers.

Work Wise UK chief executive Phil Flaxton explained that while some members of staff may have no qualms about seizing the initiative and working under their own steam, others find that helpful intervention is of more assistance.

Clearly there are people that are very self-motivated and probably don’t require a great deal of managing,” he said. “But of course, there are others that are less motivated.

Mr Flaxton voiced his opinion that this week’s Work Foundation report into employee engagement takes a generalised approach to the issue and added that it may be “difficult” to apply its findings across a variety of different sectors and professions.

Bosses looking for practical advice on how to implement a nuanced personal management strategy could benefit from attending the Employee Engagement Summit 2011 next March

Posted by Hayley Edwards