New management candidates should be found internally before the company starts looking at external sources, it has been advised.

Managing director of recruitment consultancy Stark Brooks Sally Toumi claimed that firms could benefit from using more staff development and internal promotion, rather than bringing in new people from outside.

She explained that many businesses used to find new managers from outside their own organisation, but added that more are realising this may not always be the best course of action.

Ms Toumi commented: “We are finding that a number of businesses now recognise that there isn’t necessarily the right candidate externally. It is about looking at who they have internally and giving those people the opportunity first.”

In addition, she claimed more companies may choose to take this approach due to the current economic climate and suggested savvy enterprises have been using the method for some time now.

Earlier this year, research from GfK NOP found 17 per cent of UK workers plan to leave their current job when the first opportunity arises.